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Stages of Change – Resistance

Do you ever refuse to turn the heat on in October, even though it’s 32 degrees outside – and 55 degrees in your bedroom? You know colder temperatures are coming, but you won’t move that thermostat dial until the first day of November.

You are in the resistance stage of change.

Let’s learn more about this stage and why it matters.

Q: What is the resistance stage?

A: Accepting that something is happening but refusing to comply.

Q: Where does it fall in the stages of change?

A: Resistance is the second stage, falling after denial. It precedes exploration and commitment.

Q: How do I know if I’m resisting change?

A: Behaviors that accompany resistance to change include, but not limited to: procrastination, being late, disengaging from regularly scheduled events, meetings or conferences. There is also a level of resistance happening when one consistently pushes back on everything (ideas and suggestions) presented.

Q: What are some actions I can take to shorten or get through this stage?

A: Some actions to take to shorten this stage are to be mindful and intentional. Nothing will always happen exactly the way you’d like it to, but when there is intentionality behind the actions it has the proclivity to shift your perspective…for the good!

How have you resisted change in your life? Share your experience below.

Next week, we will dig into the exploration stage, where you have accepted a change and begin to explore how you can benefit from it.

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