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DiSC Assessment + Debrief

DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the assessment: (D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness.

Here are some of the many reasons why a DiSC assessment works:


Your profile will show you how to respond to conflict, what motivates you and how you solve problems.


Your profile can turn conflicts into more productive exercises that will help your business move forward.


Your profile can help you understand and adapt to your customers’ styles.


Your profile will teach you how to enhance communication and understanding between team members.

The DiSC assessment is especially helpful for leaders looking to promote inclusivity, encourage collaboration and increase productivity.

Virtual Session.

The debrief session is 30 minutes.

Investment: $295 (one-time cost)

Power Session

This is your safe space to address disruption in your life, career or business and map out your next steps. We focus on developing, planning, or refining strategies to achieve specific goals.

In-person and virtual option available.

This session is 60-90 minutes.

Investment: $597 (one-time cost)


Professional Career Coaching

We  work together to achieve specific goals, enhance performance, and unlock your full potential. It involves me asking thought-provoking questions, providing feedback and support to develop strategies for success in your personal and/or professional life. The focus can vary, covering areas such as career development, leadership skills, work-life balance, or overall personal growth.

This model includes 4 60-minute sessions. 

Investment: $2497 

(6 months of accountability @ $249/mo following initial sessions)

Executive Coaching

This model is primarily for clients in leadership positions, such as executives, managers, or business leaders (entrepreneurs). The focus is on enhancing leadership skills, improving decision-making, and addressing specific challenges related to your role and/or business. We work closely together to identify strengths, opportunities for growth, and goals, while navigating complex leadership responsibilities to achieve professional success. This model is also coupled with the DiSC assessment. 

This model includes 6 60-minute sessions.

Investment: $3597

(6 months of accountability @ $249/mo following initial sessions)

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Coaching Testimonials

Happy clients

Kashonna was a God-send. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life professionally and personally. She introduced me to the concepts of being actively present and intentional about everything in order to make space for my vision. She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not. Her coaching helped start my journey into a successful business venture that will provide the foundation needed for growth and success.

-Priscilla Ruth

E2E [Empower to Execute] was a complete game changer for me. I walked in unsure of what my purpose was, and I walked out with a fire in my belly. My life changed and so did my mindset. Just being in the room charged my Spirit to a place of fearlessness and boldness. I have accomplished so much over the last few months with the help of Coach Kashonna and the accountability of the other attendees!! I highly recommend making the investment in yourself, you are more than worth it!!!

-Leslie Butler
In His Hands Massage Therapy President/CEO

Kashonna’s enthusiasm, approachability, and genuineness made the process of exploring my professional challenges an enjoyable and rewarding experience. She asked questions that helped me explore the underlying causes of professional setbacks, and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in order to become a more confident and self-reliant leader.

-Leah Paley, LGSW
Executive Director| Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services, Inc.

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