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Stages of Change – Exploration

You made it through the denial and resistance stages of change! Now on to the hope and growth. Let’s learn about the exploration stage.

Q: What is the exploration stage?

A: Finally swallowing the fact that something (change) is going to happen. It is accepting what is and finally asking, “How can I benefit from this?” This is what I like to call the “take-off stage.” During exploration, there is acceptance, compliance and a shift from negative energy to positive energy, allowing the process to run its course.

Q: Where does it fall in the stages of change?

A: The exploration stage is the third stage. It precedes commitment.

Q: How do I know if I’m exploring change?

A: You know you are exploring change when there’s a settling in your heart. It’s when you come to the place of acceptance, and your focus has shifted from “Why is this happening?” to “What can I do to maximize this moment?”

Q: How can I benefit from this stage?

A: You can benefit from this stage however you chose to. I know that sounds like a blank check, but it is. I have learned your attitude truly will determine your altitude.

Q: What can I do to reach this stage more quickly?

A: Go through the process. I know… it stinks because often times we are ready to be done with it. But every process endured creates a better, bigger, stronger you!

Have you reached the exploration stage of change? How did it make you feel? What did you learn during the process? We’d love to hear more below.

Next week, we examine the final of the four stages: commitment.

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