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Stages of Change – Commitment

You’ve denied, resisted, and explored a change in your life. Now it’s time to move forward. Here’s how.

Q: What is the commitment stage?

A: When you decide to take ownership and implement the change, making it a part of your life.

Q: How do I know if I’m committing to change?

You will know you are committing to change when you re-engage with the situation and begin making intentional decisions. Also, you start to enjoy the process and the fruits therein, learning everything you can to develop and sharpen personally, professionally, and spiritually. Everything will not feel good, but you will understand the value of owning even the slightest imperfections and discovering their value.

Q: How can I benefit from this stage?

A: This stage can be very beneficial as it opens the door to limitless opportunities. It will allow you to rediscover and bring revival to your soul. This is the most favorable stage, but you can’t get to it without first going through the others.

Once you commit to a change, a fresh outlook and new experiences await. Remember this, as well as the lessons learned from the denial, resistance and exploration stages, as you enter 2021. They’re the groundwork for a successful new year!

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