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Embrace Your

 A LIVE 5-Week Group Coaching Program


5-Week Live Course

This 5-week LIVE Group Coaching Program is designed to help you get clear, and become unstoppable through Kashonna’s 5-Point Crown Theory. No longer will your current situation(s) detour you from your purpose path.

Embrace Your Evolution
is curated for you to:

  • Answer your calling 

  • Walk into your destiny 

  • Navigate disruption 

  • Follow your passion

  • Catapult you to the next level 

If you are an...

Aspiring entrepreneur, emerging leader, corporate executive, or career driven professional ready to: 

  • Elevate in your chosen career path

  • Move past fear and insecurity

  • Uncover what’s next for your life and business

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors

  • Heal your heart

This is for YOU!



Week 1: The Disruption

Sideswiped by life?  When disruptions happen, we are normally caught off guard as we are going about everyday life, working towards greatness.  How we handle the disruption will determine how we successfully evolve. This session will help to:

  • Confront our disruption(s)

  • Identify emotions and behaviors used to respond to the disruption

  • Determine our re-engagement strategy 

Week 2: The Discomfort

Discomfort is temporary. This is a preliminary phrase that buffers the pain and process of change. We want change, but we also want to forgo the process.  A total shift in mindset is needed to experience true transformation, and settle in the discomfort. This session will share:

  • Ways to endure, yet embrace the process of change 

  • Discover how positive thinking leads to positive living

  • Implement positive behavior through words and environment 

Week 3: The Realignment

The driver, the car and road - All 3 are needed for the journey.  Distractions will try to pull us to one side or the other getting us off focus, but when we realign, we have the ability to not only get on track, but stay on track. During this session we will:

• Reengage with self (the driver)
• Assess our lives - what’s working, what’s not (the vehicle)
• Confirm if our current plan serves us where we are headed (the road)

Week 4: Rebuilding

We have recognized the disruption, confronted the discomfort and made the decision to realign. Now it’s time to rebuild. Whether we are rebuilding your lives, our businesses, or our brands, let’s take this to the next level!  This session will focus on:

  • The permission (to give you)

  • The people (to help you)

  • The process (to make you)

Week 5: The Reintroduction 

It’s time to fly Butterfly! Let’s celebrate in-person with a Re-Introduction Brunch for YOU! We will celebrate the beauty of evolution to catapult you into your next! 

What’s Included



5-Weekly LIVE Sessions 


Private Facebook Group


Corresponding Worksheets


Community of Driven Professionals


Live Weekly Q & A with Kashonna

Group Program Investment

Working on Laptop



5 weekly LIVE group coaching sessions. Includes: worksheets and access to private FB Group

One-Time payment

Two-time payment




Elite package, plus a one-on-one strategy call with Kashonna

One-time payment

Two-time payment




5 weekly Emerge package, plus two (2) one-on-one sessions and business brunch with Kashonna group coaching sessions. Includes: worksheets and access to private FB Group

One-time payment

Two-time payment



Happy clients

Kashonna was a God-send. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life professionally and personally. She introduced me to the concepts of being actively present and intentional about everything in order to make space for my vision. She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not. Her coaching helped start my journey into a successful business venture that will provide the foundation needed for growth and success.

-Priscilla Ruth

E2E [Empower to Execute] was a complete game changer for me. I walked in unsure of what my purpose was, and I walked out with a fire in my belly. My life changed and so did my mindset. Just being in the room charged my Spirit to a place of fearlessness and boldness. I have accomplished so much over the last few months with the help of Coach Kashonna and the accountability of the other attendees!! I highly recommend making the investment in yourself, you are more than worth it!!!

-Leslie Butler
In His Hands Massage Therapy President/CEO

Kashonna’s enthusiasm, approachability, and genuineness made the process of exploring my professional challenges an enjoyable and rewarding experience. She asked questions that helped me explore the underlying causes of professional setbacks, and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in order to become a more confident and self-reliant leader.

-Leah Paley, LGSW
Executive Director| Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services, Inc.


How long is the program?

This is a LIVE 5-WEEK group coaching program.

How are calls being conducted?

All calls are held via Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to a 'subscriber only' platform.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds due to the nature of coaching and immediate access to content.




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