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Hi, I'm Kashonna Marrow. I am an Author, Speaker, and Life and Business Coach to entrepreneurs, business owners, and career professionals. I’m also an Executive Coach to leaders in the workplace. I am here to help you identify your purpose, increase your productivity and enhance your performance. 



I work with powerhouse business minded individuals like you. You’re a Thought Leader, a CEO, a Visionary, a Game Changer and an Influencer.

Here's The Thing...

But life has you feeling  overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and trying to figure out your next! You realize that you have to do the mind, body and soul work to pursue the purpose and serve the people that you are called to.

I Have Learned that Better People, Become Better Leaders


The Good News is…

You are exactly where you need to be in order to shift into where you are going. This divine disruption isn’t a detour, it's actually a sign that you are headed in the right direction.

You are right at the intersection of purpose, fulfillment and joy! Imagine, waking up on Mondays excited about doing what you are called to do! Whether you are climbing the ladder in your corporate career, building a business, or navigating a life challenge, I can show you how to embrace your evolution.

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Accelerate Your Destiny with Kashonna Marrow


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7 Days to Simply Shift: A Daily Guide to Transforming Your Mindset Personally, Professionally and Spiritually

You’ve tried moving to a new place, getting a new job, buying new clothes, and a fresh new hairstyle, but none of those things have done it. Although you may have thought new things would assist in changing the situation, the truth is, they are only surface changes that stay long enough to distract you from the root cause. A deep uprooting and fresh seeding is needed to experience a true, authentic’s a shift.

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