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What Does It Mean To “Have it All”?

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For decades, women have chased the dream of “having it all", but what exactly does that dream entail? Success in your career? A happy, healthy family? Time to do the things you love and enjoy? All of the above?

The definition of having it all is different for each individual. Throw in a pandemic, and we are now reevaluating where, when, how and with whom we spend our time. The pandemic has caused us to prioritize and reallocate our energy and values.

This month, I’d like you to define what this vague phrase means to you. (This is not a group project. You can’t cheat off your neighbor!)

To get you started, here are some examples of what “all” could encompass:

· Being employed

· Paid bills

· Ample savings

· A roof over your head

· Good health

· Great friendships

· Children who are cared for

· Reliable transportation (public or private)

Sometimes we overlook the answers we are looking for when they are right in front of us. Maybe we are too busy rubbernecking someone else's life.

If two or more of these examples describe your current assets, you qualify for having it all. This doesn't negate the need to have goals or vision to do better or have better. It simply offers the need to be grateful for what’s already in your possession and what you've been entrusted with.

Now, take a deep breath.

Life happens... situations change... people evolve... love, hurt, pain, joy, and sorrow all hit us when we least expect it. But don't you dare for one second think you are disqualified. As a matter of fact, you are even more qualified to have it all. So, allow yourself the space to be content where you are but not complacent. Focus on defining your success, peace, and happiness. This, my sister, is when you have it all!

With Love,


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