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Time to Recommit

Many of us have suffered loss this year, whether COVID-related or otherwise. This past May, I lost my father. His passing made me reflect on the desperate need to recommit to my family. It also reminded me of what I had not shared with them and, honestly, took me back to some hard places in my life. Loss has the ability to remind us that life is fragile and truly but a mist.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let us remember the holiday is not only a time for reflection but also a time for recommitment. A time to look in the mirror, embrace where you are now and anticipate the good of the future. A time to decide that complacency is not an option, but contentment is. This Thanksgiving, assess not only what you have lost but also what you have gained.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Let's put it all on the table:

Recommit to the goal you set in January but left in March when the pandemic hit.

Recommit to reading.

Recommit to self-care.

Recommit to spending quality time with those you love.

Recommit to writing/journaling.

Recommit to your goals/vision.

Recommit to God.

Recommit to exercise.

Recommit to prayer and meditation.

Recommit to love.

Go ahead... add your recommitment to the list. Write it down, focus and trust that your commitment will lead to execution, then to manifested success.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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