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The Discomfort Of Evolution

An evolution is coming.

At Simply Kashonna, we are redesigning our goals, website and social media to energize women at every stage of their lives, and I can’t wait to embrace and share these changes with you this spring.

But before we move into the shiny and new, I want to talk about an important stage in the evolution process: the discomfort.

Let’s start with a visual. Picture a caterpillar. Before this caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it forms a chrysalis – a sort of temporary home for radical change that protects the caterpillar from the outside world. The end result is a beautiful butterfly. But inside that chrysalis, it's messy.

This is the discomfort of evolution. Here’s how the moment feels for us humans.

  • Disruptive – Evolution is disruptive to your life’s trajectory. Changes like the death of a loved one, an unexpected job loss or a marriage can disturb your “normal.”

  • Demanding – Evolution requires your time, skills and effort.

  • Dynamic – Evolution is full of energy, even if it’s uncertain energy.

No one likes to feel uncomfortable. But by understanding and embracing the disruptive, demanding and dynamic aspects of evolution, you will find direction, development and discovery at an accelerated pace, giving permission to greater!

I look forward to sharing our evolution with you.

See you soon, butterflies!

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