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When you think of superheroes like Wonder Woman and Superman, what do you picture in your mind?

Do you see them slouched over, eyes drawn to the ground, heads hanging low? Of course not. I’ll bet you see them standing strong, eyes looking forward, chests lifted, arms bent and hands placed firmly on their hips.

Superheroes ooze self-confidence, a feeling of trust in one’s self and abilities. Not to be confused with arrogance or narcissism, self-confidence is a sign of credibility and competence. It can lead to greater motivation, less anxiety, resilience and healthier, happier relationships. It can also create a sense of comfort for others around you.

But for many of us, self-confidence is hard to find. Life happens and gets in the way. There are so many things that can keep us from walking in our confidence and feeling assured of who we are – divorce, abandonment, not getting a promotion, financial struggles, a death in the family.

And ladies, we especially have trouble embracing the fact that we evolve. As we age, our perspective on life and preferences change. If you don’t accept those changes, your self confidence can take a hit.

This month, I want you to embrace and own your evolution. Be honest with yourself. Push away self-doubt. Write down the things you’ve done well. And when you look in the mirror, channel those superheroes and take that powerful stance. It might just be the posture you need to kick your self-confidence into gear!

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