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Purpose: It’s a word many of us toss around, but do we really know what our individual purpose is?

Purpose is where we find meaning in what we do and what we want to achieve in life. And finding one’s purpose is a big ask because it requires some serious deep thought.

So, let’s start in 2020 with a simple exercise. Make a list of three things your heart is aching to do. Three things you have a burning desire to achieve, but just haven’t had the strength, the time or the finances to make them happen. Maybe it’s that book you’ve wanted to write for the past 10 years. Or, it could be the business you promised yourself you’d start by age 40. Write them down, even if your three things initially seem unattainable.

Next, take a look back at your life to this point and find the common denominator. For example, if you’ve worked in human resources, or staffing and development for most of your career, chances are, you enjoy helping people.

How can you marry that common denominator with the items on your list to find your purpose? It’s an answer only you can provide, but once you do, I am confident you will not only find your purpose, but live your life fully with direction and meaning.

And, for more inspiration this year, please join me Saturday, March 14th at “UPGRADE 2020, a 1-Day Experience for Women Who Lead”. I designed this conference to tap into your tenacity, your courage, and your femininity. No longer will average do. It is time to UPGRADE!

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