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Who remembers playing hopscotch as a kid?

I do. I remember grabbing a stick of chalk, drawing squares on the asphalt filled with numbers one through ten and then jumping from one square to the next like it was yesterday.

As an adult, my days of playing hopscotch are long gone. But the game came to mind recently when contemplating how to understand and implement strategic vision in 2020.

In hopscotch, you throw a marker (for me it was a tiny rock) onto a square and then hop over that square to get to the others. Sometimes, you land on both feet. But there are also times you land, albeit unsteadily, on one foot or even fall and have to head back to the start.

It’s a lot like figuring out a strategic vision for your business or professional life. When designing your next steps, there are plenty of times you will make mistakes or have to step back in order to step forward. And that’s OK. As adults, we tend to play it safe. But strategy does not have an inch of safety in it. It’s full of risk.

In 2020, I want you to stop playing it safe when it comes to your strategic vision. Don’t let fear jeopardize your ability to advance.

Here are four tips to get you started:

  • Go deep – See beyond what you normally see and hear beyond what you normally hear to discover where you want to go in 2020. Don’t hold back!

  • Connect – Now that you know what you want to achieve, who will you partner with to make it happen? Find influencers.

  • Be consistent – You gain credibility and visibility through consistency.

  • Communicate – Share your vision with others far and wide.

Remember: Stepping outside of the box (in hopscotch and in life) can be uncomfortable. Keep your big picture in mind and be intentional with your goals. So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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