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From Paris, With Love…❤️


I could not allow this moment to pass without stopping to encourage you as we go into the final quarter of the year. Yes, we are already here!

I recorded this message in Paris on a cool morning in Starbucks and struggled with releasing it because it's so raw and unedited (not my usual polish preferred look), but here's the's straight from my heart to yours.

I truly want you to find the strength to keep going and knowing that you are closer than you think to what you've been praying for.

Traveling to Paris seemed so far fetched, mostly because it was a "dream" city for me. Now that I've experienced it and allowed the creative passion for fashion and innovation to take hold of my heart (translating it to my business), I'm ready to go harder!

You see, exposure abroad is just the beginning. No, it's not my first time doing so, but this time, I went with an expectation and placed a demand on my global voice and authority. I begin to see things that are beyond my present line of sight and envision my next.

I hope your skin is filled with goosebumps and hair raised on your necks because this next season you should be postured to have your mind exponentially blown!

À la prochaine,

Kashonna 🥰

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