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3 Freeing Truths: Motherhood & Mental Health

As we approach the end of Mental Health Awareness month, and recently celebrated Mother's Day, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between motherhood and mental health. In a world that values holistic wellness, mothers often overlook their own mental well-being. Yet, prioritizing self-care alongside caregiving is crucial.

If you struggle with this, I want to share three liberating truths I've uncovered about the dynamic relationship between motherhood and mental health.

1. Honor the Season You're In

Embrace the seasons of motherhood, accepting its demands and rewards. Letting go of unrealistic expectations and finding peace will help preserve your mental health.

2. Avoid Pouring from an Empty Cup

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your children is a mentally healthy and fulfilled version of yourself. Prioritize activities that fulfill you and bring you joy. Practice self-compassion, and create boundaries to ensure you have the energy and emotional well-being to meet the demands of motherhood.

3. Seek Therapy When Necessary

Therapy is a powerful tool for your well-being, providing a safe space to express, explore, and develop coping strategies. It equips you with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges, fostering a healthier and more balanced experience of motherhood.

As mothers, it's crucial to acknowledge and address the vital connection between motherhood and mental health. By accepting the season we're in, prioritizing self-care, and embracing therapy, we empower ourselves to navigate the challenges of motherhood with grace, resilience, and mental well-being.

Share this with a fellow mom that needs it and leave a comment letting me know what resonates with you.

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