There are various reasons why people pursue the services of a life coach. Most elect this service as they are evolving and seeking clarity in different seasons of their life, whether personally, professionally and/or spiritually. They recognize the need for strategy and accountability. A life coach presents a different perspective, seeing what is often not overt, while extracting through probing questions, and providing unbiased feedback. 

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The SK approach is one of support and activation, partnering with clients to provide an up-close, personal, and permissive environment, while encouraging and empowering them to their next level. That approach bleeds into every area of their life, and is an investment in the developmental transformation of the whole person personally, professionally and spiritually.


The authentic support received is incomparable. It is an opportunity for self-awareness, which is a foundational principle for sharpening leadership skills, achieving goals, and personal wins. This partnership is based on trust. The client trusts us to guide them through the process, holding them accountable, and we trust them to do the work.